Foundations: reinforced concrete slab
Walls: made of ceramic or silicate airbricks, load-bearing 25 and 18 cm, partition walls 11.5 and 8 cm
Ceiling: monolithic reinforced concrete
Stairs: monolithic or prefabricated reinforced concrete, without lining
Roof: wooden structure with a vapor-permeable foil, covered with concrete tiles, built-up from the inside with mineral wool and plasterboard, steel or PVC gutters and downpipes
Ventilation: gravitational, in the kitchen an additional ventilation duct for mounting the hood
Installation: central heating, hot water, water and sewage: central heating and hot water supplied from the heat pump, Split-type air/water heat pump, underfloor heating distributed on manifolds, 230V electric socket for the electric ladder radiator in the bathrooms, water installation surface-mounted and under-floor sanitary sewage system, water meter console located in the water meter well
Electrical installation: three-phase connection in the kitchen, electrical sockets and lighting points, wiring of the alarm system, installation with a TV socket and the Internet, electrical equipment: sockets, switches, electrical switchboard with fuses, approach to the photovoltaic installation
Joinery: PVC, triple-glazed windows, guides and boxes for external roller shutters on the ground floor and first floor, front door – external
Surface finishing: internal walls and ceilings – gypsum plaster, floors: cement screed on polystyrene thermal insulation, external walls: mineral plaster or resin plaster and/or facade board and facade polystyrene with mineral facade plaster and/or wool, no window sills internal and external windowsills: coated sheet or aluminum sheet
Land development: roads, pavements, parking spaces made of cobblestones, macro-levelling of green areas, external lighting with street lamps

Details regarding the standard of terraced houses are available at the office of Vastbouw Polska Sp. z o. o. in Wroclaw